Reserve the La Purisima Center

Please fill out the La Purisima Center Contract Form and click on the "Submit by Email" button. This will alert us that you are sending in a contract form to reserve the Center. The email will secure the reseveration provided there are no conflicts for seven (7) days. Payment must be received within the 7 days to ensure your reservation. Once you have submitted the form via email, press the "Print" button and sign the contract. Mail the contract to the address on the form. Again, we will honor the request for seven (7) days. If there are conflicts with your request we will respond to your email within 24-48 hours.

La Purisima Contract Fillable PDF Form

Things to know about a fillable PDF form.

1. If you have a mail client like Outlook, when you click on the "Submit by Email" button it should automatically make a copy of the PDF form and attach it to a new email for you to send.

2. If you do not have a mail client but use Internet mail by going to a site like to send and receive your email, you will need to save a copy of the PDF form to your computer and attach the PDF file to the email.

Send your email to

If you have any problems with using the fillable PDF form above, print out the non-fillable PDF form from the link below and mail, FAX or scan and email the form to La Purisima using the address, FAX or email information at the top of the form.

La Purisima Contract Non-Fillable PDF Form